How to use social media to attract clients as a freelancer – 5 Ways

How to use social media to attract clients as a freelancer - 5 Ways

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about how to use social media to attract clients as a Freelancer. Before we proceed, you might want to check out our article on How to manage multiple projects as a freelancer – 8 Ideas.

In the modern era of digital connectivity, social media is an highly integral part of the global industry, serving both the personal and professional spheres of an individual’s life. This is evident from the huge number of products and services that are offered on Facebook, with millions of several other businesses pages on other social media handles like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and the likes. Most organizations leverage the use of social media as a marketing strategy to create brand awareness, engage with their audience and also reach out to other potential customers.

For freelancers, the effective use of social media will be a great way to reach potential clients and  connect with other like-mind freelancers while developing your personal brand. Additionally, the advent of social media in freelance jobs has helped to keep freelancers updated and and informed about the latest news and trends within the work industry.

Most freelance experts who have gathered enough experience in the system, highly regard the use of social media as an important strategy for client acquisition. They utilize their social handles to showcase their skills and portfolio, presenting them to potential clients.This is by far, superior to the person-to-person marketing strategy, providing unrestricted access to a huge market of high-paying clients.

With the right techniques, anyone (freelancers or regular businessmen) can effectively leverage the use of social media to improve and grow his business, with the key focus centered upon being reaching the right people at the appropriate time.

In this article, we would be discussing things you need to know on how to use social media to attract clients as a freelancer in a freelance system.

How to use social media to attract clients as a freelancer – the 5 Ways

1. Choose your social media platform.

When it comes to freelancing, each social media platforms has its own unique perks. For this reason, it is crucial to redefine your specifics which are your niche, goals and target audience and choose the platform that best meets your requirements. You should be able to effectively leverage the unique qualities of such a platform to boost your social media presence.

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For instance, if you are into photography and graphic design, your visual work might be best showcased on Instagram or Pinterest and if you are a content writer, your works might require you utilize Twitter or LinkedIn to upload your articles.

Additionally, before making your choice of platform, it’s only ideal to research the demographics of your target audience; studying the kind of content they enjoy and the social media platform they engage in the most. Engaging in such communities and sharing content with necessary hashtags and captions will provide access to a wider market range of clients.

2. Quality content creation

The whole point of social media marketing is to create and post quality content. For freelancing, there is no exception as the use of social media to share contents that showcase the freelancer’s area of expertise will always attract customers. The key to this is being consistent, creative and authentic in your content creation process.

The use of different multimedia formats such as images, videos, blogs or even audio podcasts should be encouraged to serve different platforms and audience preferences. The content should be curated to meet with SEO standards and requirements to ensure that it stays on the top of search engines, increasing brand awareness and publicity.

Not only does regular content sharing keeps you at the top of the freelance market, but also keeps your audience (clients) engaged, also building good reputation and brand loyalty amongst your clients as they would always patronize your services.

For instance, on media handles like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok a freelancer can show his creative side by engaging in live sessions with his followers, or by posting videos and screen recordings of an ongoing project. This will show potential clients amongst the audience a preview of what to expect from working with such a freelancer, attracting more customers in the process.

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3. Keeping your social media account professional

It should always be taken into consideration that your social media account is your personal brand. To this end, clear boundaries should be established between personal and professional content that would be uploaded, as it is very easy to mix these two aspects. Ideally, having separate accounts will solve this common problem.

A high level of professionalism should be maintained on business accounts because all posts will be visible to all parties; competing brands and clients alike. For this reason, it should be assumed that any activity engaged on the account will be visible to the public, even to the private conversations and dms you might have with your clients.

No matter the effectiveness of a content strategy, the professionalism of a freelancer when engaging with his clients would be the utmost test of character, being the decisive factor to determine if clients will remain loyal to patronizing his services or not. When clients are satisfied with the professional qualities and skills of the freelancer, they would be prompted to make referrals to their colleagues, thereby raking in more clients for the freelancer.

4. Optimization of social account profile.

Freelancers should bear in mind that social media profiles are kind of the only resume that is readily available for clients to evaluate your brand qualities and work performance. Hence the freelancer should not just be professional in his engagements with clients but should ensure that his social media profile has the necessary professional outlook.

You can optimize your social profile by including a good professional photo with a clear headline. You should also craft a good bio or job title that describes your work skills and professional experience. However, when writing a bio or job title, though it is good to be creative, it should be kept simple and as brief as possible.

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It is also important that your job title or bio meets SEO standards by including relevant keywords or hashtags that will make your profile rank higher in search results. This might prove useful in attracting more clients to your account. For instance, prospective clients might look up terms like “-web design specialist” on Facebook or other social media pages. Only profile with the keyword “web design specialist” will be displayed.
Your profile should also include links to your website or media accounts that would showcase your skills and services to potential customers.

5. Engaging with the online community

The layman definition of ‘Social media’ is a way of engaging with the society. It is not a one-way system that you just post contents and disappear, but rather a medium of interaction with your peers, followers and colleagues in your field. Regular interactions will build trust, credibility and foster good relationships within the community.

It might only take small feasible actions such as liking posts, commenting, sharing posts and useful tips to elevate your online presence within the community.

Lastly, as a Freelancer, you can engage in online communities by joining group chats, forums, online meetings. This will better boost your brand visibility and reputation, providing insights on latest trends and tips within the industry.

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