How to leverage testimonials and reviews for Gigs as a Freelancer – 4 important tips

How to leverage testimonials and reviews for Gigs as a Freelancer - 4 important tips

As a freelancer, you must learn how to leverage testimonials and reviews for gigs to be successful in the freelance industry. It is testimonials and reviews you will use to make lots of money in the industry and to stay sustainable as a freelancer.

As developing brands in the marketplace, we all desire to have a positive value and credibility in the minds of our customers. In fact, in this digital age, simply getting to know that customers have positive things to say about your brand’s products and services is highly crucial to making good referrals to other people via word-of-mouth marketing. This is a huge testament to the potency and power of online reviews and testimonials, as it serves as a form of marketing strategy that drives in new customers, establishing a good relationship between the brand and other potential buyers.

Additionally, the competitiveness of the  modern market has established the use of customer testimonials and reviews as a tool for most brands who seek to measure their good brand image and reputation. This will aid the development of trust, helping to track brand loyalty amongst their client base.

Testimonials and reviews serve as a way of getting experiences and feedbacks from customers in both  positive and negative aspects. The positive reviews will be used as personal recommendations, serving  as useful proofs to drive potential clients to your business, even in the midst of competing brands.

Such positive reviews will clearly help to build confidence and credibility if customers in your business, solidifying your overall brand image.
While in wide contrast, negative reviews and testimonials (if any) should not be posted at all. Posting them on your online handles will send your target audience the wrong message. Hence negative customer reviews should only be used to to boost one’s performance, with efforts directed towards improving highlighted shortcomings.

Recent surveys have indicated that over 90% of customers, particularly those within the span of 18-40 years highly consider online reviews and testimonials before awarding contracts. In this regard, the power customer reviews and testimonials holds over a astonishing. Hence it is highly important to know how to harness the concept of customers reviews and testimonials to one’s advantage.

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In this article are tips on how to effectively leverage testimonials and customer reviews in promoting your brand.

4 tips on how to leverage testimonials and reviews for Gigs as a Freelancer

1. Creating a customer review section on your website

The first step to building up good customer testimonials and reviews is designing a dedicated section on your webpage or site for reviews and testimonials. This provide the opportunity for customers to be able to craft compelling messages that would highlight their experience with your brand. The testimonials and reviews should highlight basic concepts of your business such as customer service, product quality and over user experience.

You should set a layout that is aesthetically pleasing and engaging, in compliance with the overall branding of your website. Some websites and platforms even require that the review section follows an already set format, with most requiring just star ratings to evaluate customer review. This will aid better customer feedback, overcoming the language barriers of the written reviews form.

A typical example is the review rating that pops up immediately after a Whatsapp video call. It contains 5 stars requiring you give it a rating on a scale of 1-5. Others include a mix of written quotes and audio recordings to cater for different customer preferences. Some social handles even allow customers to create short visual or video testimonials that be posted. By leveraging these user-generated content via reviews and testimonials on your website and social platforms, potential customers will be able to know that your products or services are satisfactory.

2. Post testimonials like your life depends on it

A way of keeping your review/ testimonial section of your website updated is to ensure that you regularly post reviews. This is crucial as showcasing recent feedbacks will give your customers the impression that you are regularly checking up on their reviews.

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Effective leveraging of testimonials and reviews requires that you include them in areas where people can learn about your brand. You can incorporate customer reviews into your marketing media like emails, brochure and even ads, where they will significantly improve your business promotional activities. This will provide opportunities for potential customers to come across testimonials and reviews, giving your brand the advantage over other competing businesses.

In line with the above, studies have revealed that as much as 40% of customers turn to social media to find reviews and testimonials that will serve as recommendations for their purchases.

It is important to note that some customers highly regard their privacy personal space. To not drive away such customers or incur any form of legal contradictions, it is best to obtain consent and the necessary permission before posting their testimonials.

Listed below are some of the benefits of posting testimonials;

  1. To build and maintain brand trust and loyalty
  2. To engage your audience
  3. Attracting new customers to the brand
  4. To build/maintain good relationship with customers.

3. Encourage feedbacks

This usually involves reaching out to clients via mails, text messages, surveys or even simple phone calls to obtain necessary testimonials and reviews. This process is very crucial as it allows the clients so be able to share their experiences with the products from their very own perspective. The authenticity of these genuine testimonials and reviews speaks great volumes, making their testimonials more compelling to others.

The best way of encouraging feedbacks is by rewarding customers that share testimonials. This incentive is a rather powerful motivator, encouraging customers to give better feedbacks about their user experiences with the brand. Most of these rewards come in form of freebies, coupons, discounts or loyalty points to customers who participate in giving feedbacks.

As a result of this reward strategy, a brand is able to gather a range of original, compelling testimonials to utilize across websites and social media platforms. This unique strategy asides the benefit of generating feedbacks also helps to boost brand loyalty and audience engagement.

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For instance a company might decide to run limited campaigns where customers who leave positive reviews or testimonials can receive coupons or loyalty points. It is assured that not only would customers generate feedback, but there would also be an added benefit of customers making referrals, thereby expanding the brand’s client base.

4. Always respond to customer reviews

Always monitor your reviews and customer testimonials on your platform. This will help to keep you afloat of latest happenings regarding  new customers feedbacks, prompting swift responses to such reviews.

The best way of acknowledging that all feedbacks, be it negative or positive is well received and valued is by timely responding to them. This will help create a good impression that customers feedbacks and suggestions are highly considered by the brand, with efforts put in place to meet highlighted shortcomings and maladjustments. This is crucial to building and maintaining a excellent user experience for all customers, keeping them loyal to your brand.

In the event that a review is somewhat negative, with an offensive manner of approach, you should promptly address such issues in a professional manner. You should not strive to be too defensive of your brand and services but rather should resolve the issue in a persuasive manner. After resolving the issue, you should get back necessary feedbacks from the affected client that indicated their satisfaction with your solutions.

This will indicate to your customers of your unwavering commitment to their overall improvement and satisfaction. This will help maintain customers and even attract new ones.

In persistent or difficult cases you should address their complaint with your network of work colleagues or experts. This will aid to better generate effective solutions to these problems.

In conclusion, always focus on sustainability. What sustains business is “return customers”. So always have it in mind that you must be dedicated to purpose on every project. Try your best to deliver a great job. That’s what will attract good testimonials and reviews, thereby helping you generate good income and turnovers.

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